I’m Fenzik Joseph.
CEO at Smackcoders.

About Me

I’m an Entrepreneur and Founder for various software organizations based in India. I have an enthusiasm for creating Softwares to automate an unremarkable assignment which prompted the establishment of my own organization. I have a vast knowledge and 16+ years of experience in CRM , HRM , Payroll software, Cloud Computing and SAAS. I am also involving in Security Management and Open Source Contribution.I craft Business Management Tools to streamline SMB’s operations.


I established Smackcoders, an innovation organization in 2008. We have built up various modules and augmentations over Open Source CMS, CRM, and HRM. The modules we have added to WordPress has general downloads of 400K+ and 15K+ dynamic introduces. Our WordPress Plugins and other CRM, HRM products are simple and powerful tool for customization. Huge amounts of downloads and Happy clients audit will demonstrate our quality morals. Likewise, we are optimized to deliver a customer granted service projects and help to transform us client expects. Many dealings provision are based an end-to-end customer involvement promises trust to drive conviction and increment income.


I have co-founded Bevywise technologies in June 2015. It is a startup based on Internet of Things (IoT). Now a days IoT brings more challenges in to the real time world. Our Bevywise innovations are giving Intelligent solutions for day by day undertaking schedules. Currently we are giving effort to deliver Iot Platform, MQTT Route and Iot Simulator. IoT platform enhance the devices into large scale platforms. MQTT Route provides the into customer defined platforms. IoT Simulator helps to simulate real time events like cloud and on premise. The items can be tweaked broadly in Home applications, Smart cities, Smart manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare and more.


Starting with basic contributions to the Open Source CRM from Smackcoders, I found myself more evolved to it. As years passed, the Open Source community couldn’t get to my expectation on how well an Open Source CRM can be maintained to the contributors & user community. Out of this love for community contribution, I jumped right into developing my own Open Source CRM - JoForce to serve my customers and community.

The new advance JoForce will conveys you rich upgrade to work with Open Source CRM to manage sales, marketing, inventory and other business needs. The product expects to meet the specification based on trends in Open Source CRM to connect with the latest technologies and applications. The new incorporate interface will give dynamic user experience on Visually appealing interface and intuitive use, JoForce stand out of the crowd of other Open Source CRM.

JoForce provides powerful studio tools to create and relate new CRM modules. Joforce helps to design beautiful Invoice templates.Find the duplicates to keep the CRM clean. Time saving Autocomplete addresses as start typing in any module.User friendly URLs to bookmark any of your frequently used record or module.Grab more potential Leads with the embedded webform in your online web store. Easily email your prospects from your CRM to have better communication. Automate repetitive tasks with the workflows and triggers based on conditions.


Hawkapps provide various applications in under one roof. We are giving different SAAS applications that helps to your business go digital. It comprises Hawkpayroll, Hawksales and Hawksignee. A user-centered mindset and sensitivity for design turned out to be a perfect fit to develop Hawkapps. If you want to collaborate on crafting amazing experience with Prospects, Customers or Employee - Hawkapps is the right choice for you

Hawkpayroll helps to efficiently manage all your Employee info from hire to retire in one place. The advanced Auto schedule option will reduce the manual schedule for every month and sync with calendar perfectly. Hawksales equips a sales person to have better communication with prospects and leads within the CRM. A complete 360° view on prospect’s deal status will gives you fully customized and automated sales and zero chance of missing any deals. Hawksignee paves a way for getting documents digitally signed in a smoother, faster & secure manner. The entire application developed is in a modular fashion which makes it more flexible and able to seamlessly evolve and grow.


I’m proud of my past and truly excited about my future. With 16+ years of experience in various technologies, now I gonna take on new challenges with the Blockchain technology. I believe in creating genuine and transparent transaction of data between people, organization or any two entities. Since transaction of information or data is the critical piece of any business. I think profoundly about helping associations improve their computerized correspondence with a blend of inventiveness, examination, and joy. I have abilities incorporate requirement definition, meaning of key measurements, authority of the procedure and association parts of the blockchain computing program.Has a deep understanding of the Industry or Domain. I can build up the Use Cases for blockchain application autonomously. Sound knowledge of ICO, Wallets, Exchanges, Tokens in Ethereum, I have an attained knowledge to Performed POC's, customer introductions on Blockchain, able to perform encryption methods utilized as a part of Blockchain.